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Real-time fluid management system that will save you money?

By November 9, 2018October 4th, 2023No Comments
iPETRO Pro Fuel Management System

The iPETRO Pro leads the way in real-time fluids management systems.

Say goodbye to the days of estimating and delayed data transmission. In today’s world, everything happens instantly, thanks to the power of the internet. Imagine having complete control over your fluids and fuel data, and being able to rely on a Real-time Fluids management system.

You can now make it happen, right where it’s needed, and keep track of every drop.

iPETRO Pro Fuel Management System is an industry-leading Real-Time Fluids Management System designed to save your business money by accurately tracking every liter of fuel, whether it’s in a fixed location or on the move. It provides instant access to your fuel levels, allowing you to allocate resources and monitor consumption without delay. This not only increases efficiency but also helps you stay ahead of unforeseen challenges.

iPETRO Pro Fluids Management Unit

The iPETRO Pro Solution.

iPETRO Pro represents the future of Real-Time Fluid Management Systems. Our advanced terminal leverages online connectivity to seamlessly transfer transaction data to the iPETRO Cloud Pro within seconds. No more need for downloads or manual interactions with the fuel management terminal—it’s all automated.

Designed to fit seamlessly into the digital age, iPETRO Pro also caters to existing remote refueling and fuel dispensing infrastructure. It’s a plug-and-play solution that bridges the gap between the past and the future in fluid management.


iPETRO Cloud Pro

iPETRO Cloud Pro – Total control at your fingertips.

iPETRO Cloud Pro offers you a comprehensive fuel management solution, including stock control, depot transactions, vehicle, and mileage tracking, and on-road fuelling data. You can access all this information from any web-enabled PC, tablet, or smartphone. By communicating in real-time with the iPETRO Pro terminal, you’ll receive accurate and precise feedback on your fleet’s activities.

Real-time Updates.

Witness transactions as they seamlessly appear on your personalized secure website. Whether you’re using a PC, tablet, or smartphone, you have complete control over one or multiple home depot fuelling locations. Real-time reports, updates, and alerts are all just a click away, putting you in command of your fuel management.

iPETRO Fluids Management System Benefits

The iPETRO Pro Solution

The iPETRO range of terminals serves bus and transport depots, incorporating card and touchless key technology.

iPETRO Pro Fluids Management Unit

iPETRO Cloud Pro Offers

  • Online real-time technology.
  • Compatibility with all major fuel cards.
  • Access through magnetic stripe cards, keys, fobs, contactless, or wireless devices.
  • Connectivity options include Landline Broadband, 3G/4G, or Wireless.
  • Real-time online terminal management and data access via a secure website (iPETRO Cloud Pro).


  • Multiple export formats are available, with automated email and FTP options, and API integration.
  • Automated reporting of transactions and performance.
  • Automated importing and exporting of on-road fuel card transactions.
  • Environmental safeguards – System alerts for stock level changes without transactions.
  • Online stock management with tank gauges directly linked to the terminal and TSM website, sending email alerts when re-order levels are reached.
  • Monitor live transactions against dip readings displayed on iPETRO Cloud Pro.
  • Comprehensive Fleet Management Package, including MPG, KPL, and Co2 reporting.
  • Supports 2 pumps as standard, with the option to upgrade to support 4 pumps.

The Specs:

View the specification for the iPETRO Pro unit below or view the datasheet

Dimensions (w x h x d) w: 300mm h: 305mm d: 150mm
Power Supply 12, 24 or 240 Volt
Temperature Range -45° to +55°
Technology Real-time connection to cloud software. Touch key, contactless fob or fuel card identification.
Security High level encryption
Install Time 2-3 hours
Hardware Compatibility Tank gauging capability, compatible with a wide range of pumps & compatible with iPETRO Datalink solution.

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