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The perfect multifaceted Gauging Communication device.

iPETRO Link-Gauging Communication Device is a versatile, integrated, real-time communication device designed to transmit data from any Fluid Management and Automatic Tank Gauging System to the iPETRO VMI Web Portal.

Experience unparalleled efficiency in inventory management with the multifaceted iPETRO Link-Gauging Communication Device. This revolutionary solution merges state-of-the-art hardware and software within an intuitive web portal. The sophisticated system collects real-time data, including tank levels and temperatures, providing operators with a detailed overview.

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iPETRO Link-Gauging Communication device for any Fuel Management system

The iPETRO Link-Gauging Communication Device establishes the benchmark for communication with FMS and Gauging systems.

One dashboard – countless enhanced solutions.

The iPETRO Link-Gauging Communication Device sets the standard for comprehensive solutions, encompassing fuel cleanliness assurance, tank condition monitoring, fuel system management, and advanced pressure sensing.

What sets the iPETRO Link apart is its proactive monitoring capability, which diligently identifies potential issues before they can escalate into significant challenges for your business. This foresight not only streamlines the resolution process but also prevents any degradation in performance.

Ideal for locations with substantial liquid storage, such as refineries, water treatment facilities, petrochemical industries, distribution terminals, and depots, the iPETRO Link-Gauging Communication Device seamlessly integrates with existing management systems, whether they are OLE, OCIO, PIUSI, iPETRO, GILBARCO or other brands. This integration empowers you with complete control over all your sites or depots, regardless of your geographical location.

Enjoy multifaceted customisable configuration options, easy installation, and exceptional service for tank gauging systems. The iPETRO Link is the only solution on the market that offers not only Fuel management but also Tank Monitoring and Fuel Cleanliness capabilities.

The system integrates straight into the iPETRO VMI dashboard, making it an effortless experience to manage all your project data, reporting, and notifications from one unified platform. Regardless of the number of locations!

iPETRO Link Tank Monitoring:

The iPETRO Link Tank Monitoring system is an innovative platform that incorporates an advanced automated email alert system and robust reporting features, providing you with real-time insights into crucial aspects such as low fuel levels, downtime, pump errors, temperature fluctuations, supply chain dynamics, and much more across all your tanks.

This proactive approach goes beyond mere organisational benefits. The iPETRO Link Tank Monitoring system is engineered to automatically notify you when on-site fuel usage is approaching operational reserve levels. Simultaneously, it initiates alerts to fuel suppliers, ensuring they are informed about impending shortages. This seamless communication guarantees smooth and uninterrupted operations, fortifying your ability to manage resources effectively and maintain operational efficiency.

The iPETRO Link, along with the full iPETRO Site suite (including iPETRO Pro and iPETRO Lite), seamlessly integrates with the iPETRO VMI (Vendor Management Inventory) Web Dashboard. Experience the convenience of managing all your sites and systems on a single, intuitive dashboard with a unified login for enhanced efficiency.

Features include:
  • Intelligent Calibration
  • Supply Delivery Detection
  • Temperature Corrected fuel measure
  • Ambient Temperature measure
  • Barometric Pressure measure
  • Vibration measure
  • Reorder notifications

iPETRO Link Fluid Cleanliness:

iPETRO Link Fluid Cleanliness, offers a reliable and efficient solution for monitoring and improving fuel cleanliness, ensuring the optimal performance and longevity of HPCR diesel engines. This comprehensive fuel cleanliness monitoring system is designed to ensure the optimal performance and longevity of high-pressure common rail diesel engines. Specifically engineered to address the challenges of tight tolerances and high-pressure fuel systems in modern diesel engines, it provides real-time data on fuel cleanliness levels.

Achieving peak performance in generators, vehicles, and equipment requires prioritising high-quality fuel. Contaminants can compromise stored fuel, highlighting the necessity of additives, stabilisers, and proper storage techniques. The Fuel Standard (Automotive Diesel) Determination 2001 sets the rules for diesel quality. The ISO 4406 cleanliness code helps check how clean hydraulic fluids are, which is important for keeping equipment running well and lasting longer. Knowing where particles come from, like pollen, dust, and moisture, helps prevent problems like microbial growth, rust, and fuel breakdown. Tiny particles, especially those smaller than 10 micrometers, need a microscope to be seen. To keep fuel clean, follow a fuel quality management plan that includes regular water checks, cleaning up any water found, and using a filter that catches particles 10 micrometers or smaller to keep fuel particle levels low.

Compatibility & Integrations:
  • GPS Location: Enables tracking of the system’s geographical position.
  • Optimised Reports: Provides detailed reports on fuel cleanliness metrics and system performance.
  • Mobile Data: Supports seamless data connectivity for remote monitoring and management.
  • Ethernet Port: Allows integration with network systems for data transmission and analysis.
  • Tank Gauge Compatibility: Compatible with PIUSI OCIO, OLE, Franklin Fueling EVO, Gilbarco TLS, or any device supporting the Veeder-Root protocol.

No Lock-in Contracts or Setup Costs

Access the VMI Dashboard and pull all your data to the cloud.

Intelligent Hardware Installation and easy Tank Gauge Calibration

Our hardware is designed for seamless integration. It will automatically detect the type of tank gauge connected and configure itself to control the gauge without any manual intervention.

Advanced Fault Detection

Our system proactively monitors the health of your system and reports any irregularities. It can identify issues such as faulty probes, power failures, temperature anomalies, and vibrations, ensuring your operations run smoothly.

Seamless Integration

Compatible with existing tank gauges, our system allows you to control and monitor your data from any web browser, providing flexibility and convenience.

Scalable Monitoring

Start with monitoring up to 4 tanks, with the ability to upgrade and monitor up to 12 tanks as your needs grow.  Scan the QR code to see real-time tank statistics of Product, Volume, Ullage, and Temperature.

Let iPETRO make the first move, request a call-back today!

Our fuel management system gurus will reach out to you!

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