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Vendor Management Inventory Dashboard

The iPETRO Vendor Management Inventory (VMI) Dashboard revolutionises fuel management by centralising all tank gauging systems and fuel management tools from various sites into one accessible platform with a single login.

The VMI Dashboard is not only limited to the hydrocarbon industry but can consolidate any data into a single, customisable dashboard.

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Introducing our most innovative solution to managing your reports, stock levels, and business operations through the iPETRO Vendor Management Inventory Dashboard!

One dashboard – countless enhanced solutions.


Access your iPETRO VMI account anytime, anywhere using any internet-connected device.

This secure, web-based portal simplifies the management of home depot and depot networks, enabling real-time transaction tracking and inventory control across designated ranges.

For the first time, companies can consolidate data from multiple sources into a single, customisable dashboard. This system eliminates the need to switch between multiple logins & accounts, providing a seamless, scalable solution that can be tailored to display the specific reports and information you need.

iPETRO VMI enhances business operations by integrating data from multiple sources, eliminating manual data entry, and minimising errors. Its intuitive interface and advanced capabilities allow users to navigate effortlessly, analyse extensive data sets, gain actionable insights, and improve decision-making processes.

The iPETRO VMI Dashboard is highly flexible and can be customised to meet the specific needs of any company, regardless of fleet size or the number of locations.

Featured Functionality:

  • iPETRO VMI Easily integrate your iPETRO Pro, iPETRO Lite, or iPETRO Link with the VMI dashboard NO EXTRA SOFTWARE NEEDED!
  • Transactions and wet stock movement are displayed in real time.
  • Online reporting – transaction, card, stock, and MPG reports in various formats including Excel and PDF.
  • Online stock management of multiple sites all pulled into ONE dashboard to manage.
  • VMI Dashboard integrates with OLE, OCIO, PIUSI, iPETRO, GILBARCO and more.
  • Integrate with iPETRO Link offering tank gauging, fuel management, and fuel cleanliness.
  • Have complete control over all sites, in various locations across Australia.
  • Customise and personalise your reporting through the VMI Dashboard
  • Automated email alert system and reporting features such as tank’s love fuel levels
  • Monitor live transactions against dip readings.
  • Instant control of terminal and card access through secure broadband connection.
  • Online stock management with tank gauges linked directly into terminal and the iPETRO Cloud Pro website.

No Lock-in Contracts or Setup Costs

Enjoy a flat fee of just $1 per day!

Intelligent Hardware Installation

Our hardware is designed for seamless integration. It will automatically detect the type of tank gauge connected and configure itself to control the gauge without any manual intervention.

Advanced Fault Detection

Our system proactively monitors the health of your system and reports any irregularities. It can identify issues such as faulty probes, power failures, temperature anomalies, and vibrations, ensuring your operations run smoothly.

Seamless Integration

Compatible with existing tank gauges, our system allows you to control and monitor your data from any web browser, providing flexibility and convenience.

Scalable Monitoring

Start with monitoring up to 4 tanks, with the ability to upgrade and monitor up to 12 tanks as your needs grow.

Let iPETRO make the first move, request a call-back today!

Our fuel management system gurus will reach out to you!

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