The iPETRO Advantage. Not Your Average Fuel Management System.

All your transaction, dip reading and tank level data in one place, all the time. Everything you need from a single source.

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Contact our team of iPETRO guru’s and find out how an iPETRO Fuel Management System can save you money, give you greater control and enhance your business!

iPETRO is far more than just a fuel management system. It is a full service, fuel management solution.

Up in the clouds.

Cloud-based data management solutions. Access your information from wherever you are, whenever you like.

Clever API.

Seamlessly integrate your fleet data with iPETRO’s unique API Capability. Take total control with iPETRO.

We have your back.

Customer service that is second-to-none. Our in-house iPETRO technicians offer comprehensive support from our very own iPETRO Lab.

Tailored to you.

You are unique and we get that. Why compromise with a standardised system, let iPETRO tailor a solution to your business.

The People

Fuel management has plenty of players both large and small that try to sell their product. Most of them have a reputation of poor support; staffed by salesmen that cut and run once they make a quick sale. iPETRO isn’t just another Fuel Management product. iPETRO is a dedicated team of technicians who cut out the sales-speak and instead listen to what your company needs from its fuel management. We understand the importance of being able to pick up the phone and have a knowledgeable person answer your questions.
We are building a brand based on people, not hardware.

All-in-one Solution

Storage, dispensing, management. We know the whole story of fluids management; what works and what doesn’t. Too many fuel management companies focus on only one part of a larger picture, which in turn leads to poor support and the installation of incompatible equipment. This in turn leaves behind the headaches and drama of a system that becomes a nightmare to understand and work with.
By understanding the complete picture, iPETRO can assist with a full dispensing and storage solution, or we can simply add our tried and tested systems on an existing installation with the full confidence of knowing it will work.

Design and Construction

There is a race to compromise on quality standards to increase profits. Cheap plastic project boxes or flimsy aluminium enclosures are the norm in fuel management. We invest in only the highest quality stainless steel to protect our robust industrial grade hardware. These systems are built with longevity in mind, to maximise on the investment. iPETRO is designed to be easily serviceable, so you don’t need to replace a whole unit every few years.
Can fuel management save you money if you need to replace it every two years?

Automation and Development

The world is becoming automated. iPETRO prides itself on being on the forefront of data reporting. Whatever your data processing needs, iPETRO can assist. From receiving a simple .CSV file to directly pushing data into a business system via API we can make your data work for you, rather then having to chase it down and making it fit your needs.
iPETRO will simplify and streamline your data reporting, increasing efficiency and visibility you wouldn’t think possible.

Let iPETRO make the first move, request a call-back today.

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