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Fuel Management Systems In a Nutshell

Effective accountability for your fuel stock is essential to running a well-oiled business. A fuel management system allows you to monitor fuel consumption, usage patterns, conduct in-depth stock reconcilliation and much more!

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iPETRO FMS Suite - Fuel Management Systems

What is a fuel management system?

Are you not always sure what is a Fuel Management System? The Fuel Management System (FMS) is the brain of your dispensing system. A Fuel Management System is composed of three (3) components, the hardware, the software, and the terminal itself.

The Fuel Management System will record the date/time and volume of fluids dispensed, which operator, and which vehicle took the fluid. This information is then stored in the terminal and can manually be extracted OR the data is transmitted wirelessly to a cloud-based data storage portal, such as the iPETRO Cloud.

How does a Fuel Management System work?

The Fuel Management System registers a pulse from the flow meter in the system and controls the power to the fuel transfer pump. If the transaction is not authorized by the Fuel Management System, power will be withheld from the pump and fuel will not be dispensed. If the transaction is authorised, the user will be able to dispense their fuel, whilst the fuel management system records the details of the transaction.

Why use a Fuel Management System?

The use of a fuel management system enables you allow only those who are authorised to dispense fluids. This provides added security and gives you greater control over your fuel.

The use of a Fuel Management System extends far beyond security. Gain a deeper knowledge of your business’ fuel consumption behaviour with the powerful reporting tools available. This will not only provide you with invaluable insights into your business, but will allow you to make the necessary changes to enhance operational behaviour and ultimately save your business money!

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