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Fluid Management System

The iPETRO Lite Fluid Management System offers businesses an affordable way to monitor and improve fuel consumption, leading to cost savings and promoting sustainability. This system enables tracking of fuel usage, identification of inefficiencies, and informed decision-making regarding routes and maintenance. It comes with a Console, 10 Contactless Tags, 1 USB Key, and 24-month iPETRO Access subscription. More info Here.

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iPETRO Lite Fuel Management System - Fuel Management Systems

Introducing our cost-effective, iPETRO Lite Fluid Management System.

Online real-time technology.

You Control The Data

Unlimited users have access to the iPETRO Cloud Lite website and you have complete control of who can access and modify transaction and stock data.

Monitor up to 2 Pumps

Control and monitor up to 2 x Dispensing Pumps on your self bunded tank dispensing facility.

V-Tag Upgrade Available

Upgrade your terminal to use our new V-Tag system (Virtual Tag) –  Add up to 250 Users with their individual contactless tags.

Customisable to Suit You

Track fuel consumption by vehicle, by driver or by both

Never Lose Your Data

Standard and backup memory with capacity for 4000+ transactions.

Stock Reconciliation

Integrate with an automatic tank gauge to provide a complete reconciliation of your site wet stock transactions.

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    Product Information


    • Security, Control, and Online Centralised Reporting.
    • Track every litre of fuel or fluid dispensed with the iPETRO Lite terminal, the next generation of entry-level Fuel Management terminals, utilising contactless technology for secure and controlled fuelling.
    • The iPETRO Lite Fluid Management System provides cost-effective Fuel Management with vehicle/driver and stock reporting via the secure iPETRO website.
    • iPETRO website provides a user-friendly reporting and reconciliation platform.
    • Access iPETRO from any web-enabled PC, tablet, or smartphone eliminating the requirement for software installed on only one PC.
    • Manage your fuelling with the iPETRO Lite Mobile App
    • Unlimited users have access to the iPETRO website and complete control of who can access and modify transaction and stock data.
    • Secure contactless technology to track every litre
    • Standard and backup memory with capacity for 4000+ transactions.
    • Up to 250 users with contactless vehicle or driver tags
    • Upgrade your terminal to use our new V-Tag system (Virtual tags) – no more need for physical tags just enter your pin to commence fuelling.
    • Override switch available for manual fuelling
    • Centralised reporting
    • Cost-effective solution for small, medium, or large fleets
    • Track fuel by vehicle or driver
    • Will control and monitor 2 x Dispensing Pumps
    • Upgrade to 4 x Dispensing Pumps with the iPETRO Lite Controller
    • Stock reconciliation function

    Featured Functionality:

    • Transactions and wet stock movement are displayed in real time.
    • Online reporting packages – transaction, card, stock, and MPG reports in various formats including Excel and PDF.
    • Online stock management with tank gauges linked directly to the terminal and iPETRO Cloud Pro.
    • Import of non-depot transactions from fuel card suppliers to report 100% of fleet usage for MPG and transaction reports (Non Standard package).
    • Single or multi-site fuel and stock management.
    • Monitor live transactions against dip readings shown on iPETRO Cloud Pro.
    • Suitable for fleets ranging from 2 – 10,000 vehicles.
    • Protection from environmental issues – System highlights if stock levels change without a transaction taking place. (Nonstandard Package).
    • Instant control of terminal and card access through secure broadband connection.
    • Online stock management with tank gauges linked directly into terminal and the iPETRO Cloud Pro website.
    • Monitor live transactions against dip readings shown on iPETRO Cloud Pro website.

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