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iPETRO Fluid Management Systems

Diesel Storage, Dispensing and Monitoring Solution for a School

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Diesel Storage, Dispensing and Monitoring by PETRO Industrial

The Clients’ needs:

Our client needed a solution to be installed on the school grounds to give access to Diesel storage, dispensing, and monitoring whilst adhering to the highest safety regulations.  The main aim of this project was to fuel all the equipment involved in ground keeping and not have to travel to a servo, using fuel to get fuel.  They also wanted to keep track of what activity uses how much of the diesel is in storage.  This will allow them to plan and budget accordingly.

The PETRO Solution!

PETRO kitted them out with a self-bunded 5500 litre PETRO Store (PS) Tank that has a full height pump bay pre-fitted with the required dispensing equipment.  This included an Integrated Tank Gauge and a Cloud Based iPETRO Lite Fluid Management System to record and save ALL activity at the pump on the iPETRO Cloud Website in real-time.

PETRO PS5.5 Diesel Storage Tank

The control panel on the outside allows full control of all the dispensing equipment without having to open the hatch. In other words – keep the hatched locked and manage your staff through the control box.

Being able to lock up all custom pre-fitted dispensing, gauging and monitoring equipment creates a save environment around the school for the students.  This includes the iPETRO Lite Fuel Management System (FMS), the integrated OCIO Gauging System, the Pump, the Hose Reels and the Nozzles.

The Tank Benefits:

  • ALWAYS have fuel at hand with the PETRO Store – available in various capacities ranging from 5,500L to 22,000L;
  • Order fuel in Bulk – negotiate the price at any supplier – claim rebates!
  • Tank is Self-Bunded – no need to build a bund/dam wall;
  • Lockable, Weatherproof, Full Height Pump Bay;
  • Fast & Easy to Position and Re-locate;
  • Pre-Fitted Dispensing and Monitoring Equipment;
  • Control Box fitted on outside of tank to keep the door locked;
  • Just connect to power source – a true “Plug-‘n-Play” Solution;
  • Compliant, Safe and Environmentally Friendly;
  • Durable & long-lasting quality.

iPETRO Lite Fluid Management System and OCIO Tank GaugeThe iPETR OLite FMS Benefits:

  • YOU are in Control;
  • Avoid theft at the pump by having “eyes on the ground”;
  • You only need Internet Access to use the iPETRO FMS – NO software! – it is Cloud Based.
  • Pre-authorise users with Tags or Codes to gain access for dispensing;
  • No more human errors, tampering, theft or miss-use of fuel;
  • ALL activities at the pump are captured and saved, in real-time, on the iPETRO Cloud website;
  • You can view and manage drivers and/or vehicles and wet stock on the website;
  • You will receive “Low Level” wet stock Alarms via E-mail to order fuel;
  • Powerful Reports are available in various formats – useful for planning and claiming fuel rebates!

The OCIO Tank Gauge:

The OCIO Tank Gauge is fully integrated with the iPETRO Lite system. Working hand-in-hand, the Ocio notifies the iPETRO Lite when diesel stock is low, and more diesel needs to be ordered. The iPETRO Lite is configured to send a notification email to order stock.

The Out Come!

The perfect solution for Grounds Keeping in any setting! Now the client will always have fuel at hand, whilst having the equipment safe and locked up to keep theft away. Full control and access to reports, transactions, and fuel notifications to SAVE MONEY and claim the fuel rebates. Never get caught off-guard with no fuel!

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