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iPETRO Fluid Management Systems

Diesel Storage and Dispensing Solutions for Grounds Keeping

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Diesel Storage, Dispensing and Monitoring by PETRO Industrial

The perfect solution to efficiently fuel all grounds keeping equipment at Schools.

Our client sought out for a Diesel Storage and Dispensing Solution for their Grounds Keeping at the School Premises. Addressing diesel storage, dispensing, and monitoring needs on the school grounds while adhering to stringent safety standards was achieved through a comprehensive solution.

The primary goal was to efficiently fuel all ground-keeping equipment, eliminating the need for inconvenient trips to a petrol station and avoiding fuel consumption for refueling. Additionally, the aim was to track diesel consumption for various activities, enabling improved planning and budgeting.

To address these requirements, we provided the client with the following components:

  1. Self-bunded 5500 litre PETRO Store (PS) Tank: This self-bunded tank incorporates a tank within a tank design to ensure an added layer of protection, preventing spills or leaks. It features a full-height pump bay housing essential dispensing equipment. This equipment includes fuel pumps, meters, gauges, hoses, and nozzles, ensuring safe and efficient diesel fuel dispensing from the tank to the equipment.
  2. Integrated Ocio Tank Gauge: To monitor the fuel level in the tank continuously, we installed an integrated Ocio Tank Gauge. This gauge provides real-time information about the available fuel quantity, ensuring that the client always knows the current fuel status.
  3. Cloud-Based iPETRO Lite Fluid Management System: The iPETRO Lite Fluid Management System enables real-time monitoring and recording of all activities at the pump. It encompasses features like fuel consumption tracking, report generation, and insights into usage patterns, enhancing fuel management efficiency.
  4. iPETRO Cloud Website: All data collected by the iPETRO Lite Fluid Management System is securely stored and accessible through the iPETRO Cloud website. This online platform allows the client to access vital information remotely from any device with internet connectivity, providing convenience and accessibility.

By seamlessly integrating these components, the school can now safely store, dispense, and monitor diesel fuel usage for their ground-keeping equipment. The real-time data and reporting capabilities offered by the iPETRO system empower them to make well-informed decisions regarding fuel management, effective planning, and budget allocation. Furthermore, the implementation of a self-bunded tank and adherence to stringent safety regulations ensure a secure and environmentally friendly fuelling solution.

PETRO PS5.5 Diesel Storage Tank the perfect solution for bulk fuel stored on-site for grounds keeping applications

The external control panel, combined with the lockable hatch, offers a secure and user-friendly approach to managing all dispensing equipment, eliminating the need to access internal components. This external control hub grants comprehensive oversight of various critical systems, including the iPETRO Lite Fuel Management System (FMS), the integrated OCIO Gauging System, the Pump, Hose Reels, and Nozzles. By allowing you to secure all custom pre-fitted dispensing, gauging, and monitoring equipment, it fosters a safer environment for the school’s students.

The hatch’s locking capability ensures that only authorized personnel with access to the control box can operate the equipment, thereby preventing unauthorized use and potential safety risks. Furthermore, it streamlines the management of staff responsible for fuel dispensing and equipment handling. This centralized control mechanism enhances security and accountability, ensuring that all fuel-related activities comply with regulations and are carried out safely.

In summary, the external control panel and lockable hatch constitute a robust solution for managing and safeguarding dispensing equipment, contributing to a safer and more organized school environment.

The Optimal Diesel Storage and Dispensing Solution for Grounds Keeping!

For Efficient Diesel Storage and dispensing for Grounds Keeping in any environment, it’s crucial to adopt a holistic and innovative strategy that tackles key concerns like fuel accessibility, equipment security, cost-efficiency, and streamlined management. Here’s a detailed breakdown of such a solution:

  1. Fuel Management System: Deploy a robust fuel management system that provides real-time monitoring of fuel levels and consumption. This system should seamlessly integrate with equipment like lawnmowers, trimmers, and other machinery for precise fuel tracking.
  2. On-Site Fuel Storage: Establish secure, compliant, and convenient on-site fuel storage facilities. This ensures a constant fuel supply, eliminating the risk of running out during critical tasks.
  3. Fuel Theft Prevention: Implement security measures like surveillance cameras, access control systems, and well-lit storage areas to deter fuel theft. Utilize locking mechanisms on fuel storage containers to restrict unauthorized access.
  4. Remote Monitoring and Control: Provide a centralized platform or mobile app for remote monitoring of fuel levels, equipment usage, and security. This empowers clients to maintain control over their assets, even when off-site.
  5. Automated Fuel Notifications: Configure automated alerts for low fuel levels or suspicious activity around fuel storage. These notifications prevent unexpected fuel shortages or potential theft.
  6. Detailed Reports and Analytics: Offer comprehensive reports and analytics on fuel consumption, equipment utilization, and maintenance schedules. These insights enable clients to optimize fuel usage, identify inefficiencies, and plan maintenance effectively.
  7. Fuel Rebate Tracking: Develop a system to track fuel purchases and consumption for easy claiming of fuel rebates or tax credits, helping clients save on fuel expenses.
  8. Integration with Accounting Software: Seamlessly integrate the fuel management system with the client’s accounting software to simplify fuel-related transactions and ensure accurate financial records.
  9. Environmentally Friendly Practices: Promote the use of eco-friendly fuels and equipment to minimize the environmental impact of grounds keeping activities.
  10. Training and Support: Provide comprehensive training and ongoing support to clients and their teams, ensuring they maximize the solution’s benefits.

By implementing this comprehensive Diesel Storage and dispensing for Grounds Keeping solution, groundskeeping businesses can streamline their fuel management processes, enhance security, optimize fuel consumption, and save money through rebates. This leads to a more efficient and sustainable operation, aligning with eco-friendly practices and cost-saving initiatives.

The Benefits of having your own fuel storage tank:

  • Constant Fuel Availability with PETRO Store: Available in various capacities ranging from 5,500L to 22,000L.
  • Bulk Fuel Ordering: Negotiate prices with any supplier and claim rebates.
  • Self-Bunded Tank: Eliminates the need for building a bund/dam wall.
  • Lockable, Weatherproof, Full-Height Pump Bay: Ensures security and protection.
  • Quick and Easy Positioning and Relocation: Offers flexibility in placement.
  • Pre-Fitted Dispensing and Monitoring Equipment: Ready for immediate use.
  • External Control Box: Keeps the door locked for added security.
  • Plug-and-Play Solution: Simply connect to a power source.
  • Compliance, Safety, and Environmental Friendliness: Meets standards and minimizes environmental impact.
  • Durable and Long-Lasting Quality: Ensures a lasting investment.

iPETRO Lite Fluid Management System and OCIO Tank GaugeThe iPETRO Lite FMS Benefits:

  • YOU are in Control;
  • Avoid theft at the pump by having “eyes on the ground”;
  • You only need Internet Access to use the iPETRO FMS – NO software! – it is Cloud Based.
  • Pre-authorise users with Tags or Codes to gain access for dispensing;
  • No more human errors, tampering, theft, or miss-use of fuel;
  • ALL activities at the pump are captured and saved, in real-time, on the iPETRO Cloud website;
  • You can view and manage drivers and/or vehicles and wet stock on the website;
  • You will receive “Low Level” wet stock Alarms via E-mail to order fuel;
  • Powerful Reports are available in various formats – useful for planning and claiming fuel rebates!

The OCIO Tank Gauge:

The integration between the OCIO Tank Gauge and the iPETRO Lite system is designed to streamline the monitoring and management of diesel stock levels. Here’s how the system works:

  1. OCIO Tank Gauge: The OCIO Tank Gauge is a device used to monitor the diesel levels in fuel tanks. It constantly measures the fuel levels and communicates this data to the iPETRO Lite system.
  2. iPETRO Lite System: iPETRO Lite is a fuel management system used to track fuel inventory, sales, and other related data. It is configured to receive real-time data from the OCIO Tank Gauge.
  3. Low Diesel Stock Alert: When the OCIO Tank Gauge detects that the diesel stock is running low and reaches a predefined threshold, it sends an automatic notification to the iPETRO Lite system.
  4. Notification Email: The iPETRO Lite system, upon receiving the low stock alert from the OCIO Tank Gauge, is programmed to generate a notification email. This email is typically sent to the relevant personnel responsible for managing fuel inventory and ordering stock.
  5. Stock Reordering: The notification email serves as a prompt for the responsible personnel to take action. They will see that the diesel stock is low and will initiate the process of reordering more diesel to replenish the fuel inventory.

By working together in this integrated manner, the OCIO Tank Gauge and iPETRO Lite system help ensure that the fuel stock is continuously monitored, and timely actions are taken to prevent running out of diesel. This automation reduces the chances of fuel shortages, ensures a smooth supply chain, and simplifies fuel management for the organisation using these systems.

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