Fuel Management System

Our cutting edge iPETRO Bank has been developed to deliver a more reliable, robust and user friendly hardware and software solution to the Unattended Refuelling Market. This solution provides you with the means to not only control and record the dispensing of fuel to your own fleet, but also resell fuel to your sub contractors, customers or indeed other users in your region.

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iPETRO Bank Fuel Management System OPT - Fuel Management Systems and OPT

iPETRO Bank provided contactless Payment Terminals, with Cloud based, Real Time Data and Reporting. 

24/7 Support.

Safe and Secure

We have incorporated the latest and greatest in terms of transaction security to ensure your customers information is kept secure. iPETRO Bank is fully PCI DSS compliant.

Stock Reconciliation

Integrate with an automatic tank gauge to provide a complete reconciliation of your fuel inventory. iPETRO Cloud provides an array of consumption data including fuel delivered, fuel in stock and fuel dispensed to provide you with an accurate reconciliation of your fuel movements.

We are holding ALL the Cards

The iPETRO Bank terminal accepts a wide range of payment options allowing you to retail fuel to a wide range of customers.

All-In-One Terminal

iPETRO Bank is fully National Measurement Institute of Australia (NMI) Approved.

Integrated Smarts

iPETRO Bank is pioneering the internet of things – our console is fitted with a range of innovative sensors to communicate to you, live, what is happening on site. GPS, Vibration Sensors, Temperature Sensors, Shock Sensors and Anti Tamper Sensors all provide you with powerful information to protect this valuable asset on site.

For You, Your Subbies or Even Your Next Door Neighbour

iPETRO Bank provides you with the means to not only control and record the dispensing of fuel to your own fleet, but also resell fuel to your sub contractors, customers or indeed other users in your region.

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    Product Information


    • Cut your fuel costs, monitor every litre of fuel delivered, pumped and consumed
    • Save money with improved fleet performance using real-time vehicle and driver statistics reports.
    • The iPETRO Pro terminal can be linked to your tank gauge to show complete stock and transaction activity on the same screen.
    • The iPETRO Pro terminal can be configured to work in conjunction with the iPETRO Live in cab device to provide guaranteed kilometre/mileage information for fuel management reporting.
    • complete Fuel Management package, stock control, depot transactions, vehicle and Mileage capture + on road fuelling data accessible from any web enabled PC.
    • Greater control and security, 24/7 access to your depot stocks and fuelling systems
    • Compatible with all major pump suppliers including Compac, Transponder Technologies, Tokheim, Pumptronics, Gilbarco and Dresser Wayne
    • iPETRO Cloud Pro provides the functionality for setting up cards, processing and monitoring transactions and much more.
    • Power requirements :220-240VAC / 50 Hz. – 110V 60Hz. is available upon request.
    • Power consumption :max. 30 Watts

    iPETRO Cloud Pro:

    •  iPETRO Cloud Pro is a secure web based service for the complete management of home depot and home depot networks, allowing online transaction and stock management.
    • The easy to use website enables reconciliation transactions and stock movements both in real time and over defined ranges.
    • Allows the site operator to monitor transactions and stock movements online – in real time.

    Featured Functionality:

    • Transactions and wet stock movement displayed in real time.
    • Online reporting packages – transaction, card, stock and MPG reports in various formats including Excel and PDF.
    • Online stock management with tank gauges linked directly into terminal and iPETRO Cloud Pro.
    • Import of non-depot transactions from fuel card suppliers to report 100% of fleet usage for MPG and transaction reports (Non Standard package).
    • Single or multi-site fuel and stock management.
    • Monitor live transactions against dip readings shown on iPETRO Cloud Pro.
    • Suitable for fleets ranging from 2 – 10,000 vehicles.
    • Protection from environmental issues – System highlights if stock levels change without a transaction taking place. (Nonstandard Package).
    • Instant control of terminal and card access through secure broadband connection.
    • Online stock management with tank gauges linked directly into terminal and the iPETRO Cloud Pro website.
    • Monitor live transactions against dip readings shown on iPETRO Cloud Pro website.
    • iPETRO Pro terminal links directly with the majority of tank gauges on the market.

    Seamlessly Integrate All Your Fleet Data

    With iPETRO’s unique API Ability

    Make your data work for you by utilizing our powerful API. Seamlessly integrate your iPETRO Fuel Management into your business processes and unlock the power of your data

    • Developer Support
    • Telematics Integrations Available
    • Stable and Secure
    iPETRO API Code

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